Thoughtfully Executed, from Seed to Jar!
Our flower is estate grown, which enables us to have control over every aspect of the cultivation process, from start to finish.
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State-of-the-Art Cultivation
Locally grown, nurtured, and harvested in Monterey County.
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Extensive Seed Bank
We pride ourselves on finding exciting, next-level genetics- strains that the whole Cypress team stands behind.
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Our Mission

Cypress Cannabis strives to provide the perfect balance of quality and value. With our team having over 20 years of cannabis and agricultural experience; we focus on science, sustainability, and R&D of unique genetic strains offering you the most premium flower at an affordable price.

Banana Pudding Big Smooth Snow Cap
photo of Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding
A Dying Breed Seeds creation, Banana Pudding is a cross between Banana OG and OG Kush. It has an aroma similar to Banana OG, but with a heavy kush finish. Perfect for any occasion.
photo of Big Smooth
Big Smooth
Bred by Exotic Genetics, Big Smooth is a cross between Blueberry OG and Cookies n’ Cream. It tastes like blueberry ice cream and has an unmatchable cerebral high that is ideal for afternoon and evening consumption.
photo of Pine Tar Kush
Pine Tar Kush
Pine Tar Kush descends from the famed Pakistani genetic family. This lineage is known for its heavy effects and Pine Tar Kush is no exception.
photo of Purple Widow
Purple Widow
Purple Widow is a cross between White Widow x Purple Power. These nugs have vibrant purple leaves covered in sticky resin, boosting their fruity and sweet flavors.
photo of Snow Cap
Snow Cap
Bred by Grand Daddy Purp Genetics, Snowcap is an uplifting Sativa strain that makes for a solid daytime smoke. Snowcap is created by crossing Snow White and Haze to deliver an energizing and euphoric experience.

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Your Sour Kosher is on point in so many ways. The sour level is something not to be missed. It's grown and cured so nice. I haven't had a Sour so nice since like 2005. The search is finally over.
Love the flower and the vision! Keep fighting the good fight!
Great Weed Starts with Great Seeds

Learn about our growing process and how we create the best flower, from seed to jar.

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